Ricky Freezer

INDY MUSIC: Ricky Freezer is “Lamar Odom” Ricky Freezer “Cuffin’ Season” (Prod. by Blair Norf) Ricky Freezer “Can’t Do It Like Me” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Ricky Freezer is “Radical” with A “Dirty Little Secret” [AUDIO]

It’s a new year and Ricky Freezer is the first Indianapolis artist to hit me with new music as soon as the ball drop. That’s why I will always respect the hustle of Freezer. Check out his new joint, “Lamar Odom” below! Kobra Kai – Medicine [AUDIO] The @Hot963 Summer Bash Highlights! #HotRunsIndy Ricky Freezer […]

Ricky Freezer out here working! This new joint is right on time, especially if you haven’t been chose up yet. It’s called Cuffin Season and to be honest; If you’re not feeling the groove of this, you might be a hater, straight up! Respect to Ricky Freezer. Ricky Freezer “Can’t Do It Like Me” [OFFICIAL […]

I got a new Ricky Freezer video. Freeze puts out the best visual concepts in the city my opinion. Check out this new one called “Can’t Do It Like Me” and it’s directed by Ricky Freezer and Mikeal NEON.   Kobra Kai – Medicine [AUDIO] Kobra Kai “OPINIONS” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Kobra Kai – “Jim Irsay” […]

Ricky Freezer hit me up with two joints he’s out here pushing right now and I want to share them all with you. First up is a joint call Radical. I like this one. Ricky may bring back the 90’s surfer lingo on y’all. Kobra Kai – Medicine [AUDIO] The @Hot963 Summer Bash Highlights! #HotRunsIndy […]

This joint went up at Summer Bash, check it out and support it if you feel it. Kobra Kai – “Jim Irsay” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Kobra Kai “OPINIONS” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] The @Hot963 Summer Bash Highlights! #HotRunsIndy A Cool Conversation With CamQuotes and Ricky Freezer! #CCWCQ

The rain only served as a long pause in the turn-up before the J. Cole and Big Sean concert! The listeners and some of naptown’s most promising artist did their thing on the Hot 96.3 stage. Special thanks to Poindexter and Kobra Kai for coming through and blessing our stage. Check out some of the […]

Ricky hit my line with that NEW Kobra Kai! See the new video from the group I think has the coolest rap name in the game. Hoping to get that SXSW Kobra Kai schedule soon! Brought to you by:NoCoastEnt. A very diverse hip hop group with a new sound making they’re own lane. KOBRA KAI […]

It’s 2015 and Ricky Freezer is still working. He’s out here doing his thing man but, I tell you what though. If I don’t at least get an invite from Freezer or Rambo to one of the next video shoots….We will have full on Rap Beef. Check out the latest video from the guy I […]

I been in Indy over 4 years now and have had a chance to meet and listen to a lot of the artist. One thing I always searched for was “The Naptown Sound”. I always ask what that is and no one could seem to tell me. As time went on and I kept listening […]

Some of you may remember Ricky Freezer from the 2nd stage at the Drake vs Wayne concert. He came through and shut it down and the response was undeniable. One of the songs he performed was called “Jim Irsay” This brand new record is dedicated to the legend of Jim irsay ; the Indianapolis Colts […]

Ricky Freezer fresh off of rocking the Hot 963 at Drake vs Wayne with Kobra Kai just hit me with a new video. More excellent casting as normal. Check out the new joint “Looks That Kill”   #NaptownsNextReloaded: Be on Tweet It or Delete It! VOTE: For Your Favorite To Be On Tweet It or […]