Rolling Stones

Talib Kweli had a few words for Gene Simmons, who predicts Hip-Hop will soon be extinct.

NewsOne’s Smokey Fontaine recently interviewed musician, songwriter, record producer and music executive Antonio “L.A.” Reid to talk about the music industry, Black music and who…

A company that creates lullabies out of popular rap and rock music, is releasing Lullaby Renditions of Jay-Z, an album featuring 12 classic Jay-Z songs transformed into baby friendly bedtime tunes. On July 11, babies everywhere will be able to listen to lullaby remixes of Jay-Z’s hit songs including, “Big Pimpin’,” “Bonnie and Clyde ’03,” and […]

Interviewed Monday on our sister radio station in Cincinnati  WIZF, Obama ran through his musical tastes, an eclectic and all-encompassing list of artists and tracks that reflect the varied coalition of voters he is seeking to attract. According to Obama, he says it has “a pretty good mix.” “I’ve got old school – Stevie Wonder, James Brown. I’ve […]