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Starting Monday, August 10th, Giuliana Rancic will no longer be the day-to-day anchor of E! News. Don’t be too heartbroken, though – Rancic will continue on the…

OH LAWD!! The Real Housewives of Atlanta girls are going to Africa. ALL together! It airs tonight but check out the sneak peeks! Did you guys hear about this? There is about to be a new show out of Detroit, Motor City Wives!! And guess who is rumored to be on the show Delishis […]

I would highly recommend you not watch this if you don’t want to spoil watching the show on Monday. I just could not help myself. While it doesn’t reveal everything it reveals some of the juicy stuff! Get More: TV Shows, Full Episode Video, Reality TV Shows Get More: TV Shows, Full Episode Video, Reality […]

If you are anything like me, you are in LOVE with Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop! The fights are the juiciest I’ve ever seen on any reality show! Well after this past weeks fight with Erica (who is she again?) and Kimbella and Jim Jones and Chrissy relationship issues I had to take a sneak […]

Rihanna rides a gun for “Te Amo” and takes a spin during “Umbrella” in the latest rehearsal footage from her “Last Girl on Earth” tour. The European leg kicks off tonight in Antwerp, Belgium. FIRST LOOK: Rihanna In “Rolling Stone” Magazine Rihanna To Release Remixed “Rated R” Album GALLERY: Matt Kemp Shows Off His Tats […]