Stevie J

"I still love him; I love him as a friend," she says.

The producer has finally been forced to pay the price for skipping out on paying almost two decades of child support.

Stevie says he and the 'Puerto Rican princess' are committed to making things work for their newborn.

Faith Evans is reportedly joining ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.’ In case you missed it, rumors she and Stevie J were dating began swirling earlier this year. According to HollywoodUnlocked, Faith won’t be an official cast member of the popular franchise, but making a few appearances in scenes with Stevie. Stevie and Faith, who […]

On Thursday, the producer and reality star announced that he'll be going to jail soon.

Stevie J shared a cryptic Instagram message late Thursday night hinting that he may be about to serve some time. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and former hitmaker for Bad Boy wrote, “Shout out to my real ones locked up… Bout to do this time starting next week. Sum thing (sic) light for […]

One of the most dramatic stars of the VH1 show, Tommie Lee, recently found herself in hot water with the law again.

Stevie is finally admitting that he and Joseline weren't really married meanwhile, Joseline wants to set up a threesome with Tommie.

The verbal attack came after Stevie claimed he and Joseline were never married, a dig (or truth) Joseline did not take kindly.