After news broke that Nelly owed the government $2.4 million in taxes, fans took to social media to come up with ideas to save the St. Louis rapper from destitution. Of course, in no time at all, Twitter created the hashtag #HotInHerreStreamingParty in an effort to help the Grammy winner keep his assets, by listening to “Hot in […]

The Academy Award winner and her husband are accused of failing to pay their taxes for two years, and now the government says they owe nearly $400,000.

Doing your taxes is never on the top of your list of things you can’t wait to do. But expert Jini Thornton hung out with “The…

Avoid Dirty Little Tricks played by Income Tax Scammers. By Denise Dunbar Income Tax season always brings out the most talented, creative and the rudest…

How is this possible? 1990’s hip-hop icon MC Hammer still owes money to the government from past due taxes dating back to the mid-1990’s. The U.S. government isn’t letting Hammer off the hook for the $779,585 it claims the rapper owes in back taxes — and has now filed a lawsuit against the rapper and his wife […]

Like the words from Jesse Jackson " Keep Hope Alive"; I don't know what Mr. Snipes is trying to pull, but I say pay up.

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