It’s no secret that Diddy’s son Christian a.k.a. King Combs is his young twin, but the side by side image that Puff posted has people literally saying, “WOW!” “GOD MADE 2 of me…” is what Diddy said in his caption, and it shows just how proud he is to have a son who looks exactly […]

Beyoncé is so talented and famous that even her social media posts cost more than some people will see in a life time. According to D’Marie Analytics, a post from the Queen on Facebook and Instagram now has the ad equivalent value of more than $1 million. Bey has proven that quality matters most over quantity […]

We're loving the way these two are co-parenting; nevertheless, the Internet had some qualms with their outfits.

Janet Jackson won’t be seen stepping out on the town in fancy maternity wear any time soon, as she was put on bed rest. The 50-year-old superstar has been laying low since she sent a shock wave of mixed emotion through her fan base and postponed her highly anticipated world tour in order to have […]

Gary With Da Tea was so excited to receive twerk lessons from Amanda & Andrea Salinas, two of the cast members from Little Women of Atlanta. The ladies showed off their pro-skills in the studio while Juicy, who says she’s “retired,” supervised. The ladies wore Gary out with their expert lessons, and had some laughs […]

We can barely tell the difference between little Sire Jackson and his dad, 50 Cent.   There’s nothing identical to the bond twins share (no pun intended). For Anna and Lucy DeCinque, the strength of their bond bleeds into their relationships. That’s why they share a boyfriend now. “We’ve had separate boyfriends before, but they didn’t understand our closeness. Ben understands we want to be together all the time,” […]

Hannah Yarker has one Black daughter and one White daughter with her husband, Kyle Armstrong.

Two 17-year-old brothers died on the bobsled track at the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary.