What’s Beef?

With everybody taking shots at one another on records, twitter, and every other social media, it will definitely be an interesting Spring and Summer. Jeezy has released the official remix to his club smash, R.I.P., featuring Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and YG. In the on-going fued between Drizzy and Breezy, the VA native took shots […]

In 2004 50 Cent pocketed a reported $60 Million in his lucrative Vitamin Water deal with Glacéau.  Several years later he’s still looking for ways…

When exiled former Bad Boy Shyne expressed his opinion about Compton MC Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, calling it “trash,” The Game was one of the…

The Drake tattoo that is as recognized as the rapper it was inspired by is still causing a stir, this time as a result of the artist who inked the permanent moniker onto a young woman’s forehead. Tattoo artist Kevin Campbell, an employee of Will Rise tattoo shop in Los Angeles, claims the 25-year-old ‘Take Care’ creator […]

Drake and Common are still “at it”….look at what we found surfing around on the web! LMAO Check the photo out below. Go head and laugh then, add your own caption to this photo in the comment section! #ThisIsGonnaBeFunn

In an email to label execs Nas tells Def Jam records to “PUT MY SH*T OUT!!!

MC Hammer needs a hug. Or a bank loan. Either way the man is on a mission, but he isn’t alone. Our folks over at the TheSmokingSection have gathered evidence that the former Funky Head Hunter isn’t the only rapper to catch feelings over some minor b.s. Check out their list. “Some say Hammer overreacted. […]

On “So Appalled,” Kanye West’s latest G.o.o.d Friday leak, Jay-Z went out of his way to highlight MC Hammer’s financial misfortunes: