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Twitter: @SkyyDanielsEvery week we (Relationship Expert,Steven J. Dixon and I) take a look at some of the emails you guys send us with your relationship issues, dilemmas, and drama!!! You can email your relationship/dating questions to Let’s take a look at one I got today…
Brooke Northwest Side of Indy
It seems as if I attract the same type of guys.Guys that aren’t ready for long-term, committed relationships.Everybody speaks of stepping out of your comfort zone and dating different guys. Guys clearly do this better then women.So I am asking what is your advice on meeting & dating outside of your comfort zone (race,class,education level,etc.)? 
Steven (SJD):It is important to have a list characteristics that you desire in a mate. However, oftentimes we are so focused on our list that we miss out on potentially great characteristics in the person that we are dating. For example: Twelve years ago my friend Susan said that she did not want to date a man that was ten years older than her. They have been married ten years now. Eight years ago my friend Melissa didn’t want to date a man with kids. A marriage and two kids later she is now ready to admit that her husband is a better caregiver to the kids than she is. Five years ago my friend Elliott didn’t want to date a woman that earned less than $50,000 a year but he married Twanda anyway. Now he is scared that next year she is going to make more money than he does as her bakery has taken off and has turned a profit earlier than expected.Do not be afraid to adjust your list. You have ten things that you are looking for in a man. He does not have three of the things on your list. He is a seven and a seven is just not good enough to marry right? But he is super handy, he can fix or build anything. Instead of being a seven, now he is an eight. No marriage is perfect. No man is perfect and yo azz ain’t perfect either! Maybe you are only a six to him!
Skyy D.: I find that often we are who we attract.If you can get this concept then that means you have to step back and take a look at yourself not just physically but also seeing what kind of energy you are putting out.AND BE HONEST!!! If you only have a high school diploma and no job and one of the things “on your man list” is for him to be educated with a great career, you have to ask yourself why you think you would attract a man like that. If you are 5’2 and 230lbs but yet you want a man with muscles and a nice figure you are kind of out of touch with reality.Those are just examples So be who you want attract kapeesh?! I also found this article helpful “10 Ways To Separate The Boys From The Men”