What the 2017 woman really wants? Not sure if they even know… This makes it hard for a man to make them happy because who knows what that is. Today’s generation lives by social media in everyday life instead of living real life. Going by memes as a Bible to live by in their relationship. […]

Polygamy definition- the practice of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. In this day and age commitment seems to be a thing of the past and people have started to be more open to open relationships. The definition described above for people that may not fully understand or know the […]

Dating in 2017 is EXPENSIVE! It used to be you could take a girl to the movies and that was a nice date now, they want to be taken to 5 star restaurants and shopping. Well I’m sorry to tell you that is not happening with me. If you are my lady of course I […]

I’m sure you have been social media stalking and seen a post about a guy liking pictures getting in trouble. Yes, we all have. So this leads to social media etiquette when you’re in a relationship. Is it a such thing? I think so or at least it should… I know for a fact ladies […]

It’s almost summer and time to get fly… Fashion is always changing and nowadays the ladies aren’t the only ones with all the cool new fashion. It used to be the fellas only had a nice tie to look forward to but, now we have so much to look forward to with the different seasons. […]

Okay fellas so first dates can be tricky. You meet a physically attractive female go out, not sure if you like her and try again on the second date. Well forget that! I’m done with giving second dates. Not saying I’m the greatest thing going but I’m better than most… I found a study that […]

In my personal opinion all woman are crazy. It’s levels to crazy… It’s insecure crazy, damaged crazy, daddy issue crazy to out her mind insane crazy… It’s all about what you can handle as a man. Luckily for us guys if you’re trying to know just how crazy she is before getting too involved there […]

Scrolling through your timeline on social media sites all you see are failed relationships from your favorite celebrities to friends and family. Really questioning if people stay together anymore? Besides my parents (who are from a different era) I don’t know one couple that survives an argument without calling a quits. Personally I think technology […]

For most African American women dating in 2017 is like winning the lottery slim to none. Most of my female friends are single for one reason or another and have tried every option available including online dating. Studies have shown black women looking for love online are in a sense wasting their time… Most site […]

I had a female friend who recently got in a relationship tell me she spent $500 on lingerie and was confused as to why her man was not more receptive of her efforts. Well ladies men don’t really care! Just to be honest. Don’t get me wrong we love to have something sexy to look […]

The break up of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill may have been a shock to fans, but seems Drake was waiting the whole time. Nicki Minaj posted a picture on her IG with Drake and Lil Wayne in the studio. Looks like the Big 3 is back and Young Money is still family! We know […]

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Actress, Megan Good and her director slash pastor husband, Devon Franklin has been making headlines as a”Role Model” couple. In recent months they had been opening up about waiting until marriage to sleep together. The couple is trying to express the benefits they experienced in celibacy, what do you think?