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BET Networks 2013 New York UpfrontUrban Radio Station Hot 107.5, in Detroit, had the pleasure of sitting down with J. Drew of BET’s hit docu-series, ‘The Sheards‘ that premiered earlier this month. ‘The Sheards’ garnered a record breaking 2 million viewers for BET as many tuned in to watch the dynamics of a gospel family find their individual place in different parallels of life.

J. Drew, the son of Pastor Drew Sheard and Karen Clark Sheard (Of The Clark Sisters) came to Hot 107.5 for a sit down interview with Kerrie Mitchell to discuss his role on the show. Surprisingly, he was very open with explaining how his goal is to break away from the gospel arena and wants to focus on HIS LIFE and HIS PASSION which is MUSIC that explores an unusual blend of futuristic R&B and nu-pop trap music.

Check out a buzz record entitled FLIGHT, which is yet to be confirmed if it will premiere on his album, ‘Never Coming Back’. How the family and church feel about his conquest to breakaway is all discussed in the interview as well as his current relationship with his son’s mother.

Oh and if you were wondering what J. Drew meant when he told his mother, Karen Clark Sheard on a sneak peak of the show that ” the world is so much bigger than church” he thoroughly explains what he meant for the first time ever here! CLICK HERE TO SEE INTERVIEW!

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J. Drew debuts album, ‘Never Coming Back’ on May 6th, 2013. Catch ‘The Sheards’ on BET every Sunday at 8pm.

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