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FrenchMontana1Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana is not losing sleep over being called out by the Ying Yang Twins.

In fact he’s, “Ain’t Wotrried About Nothing”, as Montana jumped onto his Twitter page this week and laughed off the controversy.

Haannnn lol RT @ComplexMusic: They @YingYangTwins are back to reclaim “HANH” from Kanye West and French Montana.,” Montana tweeted July 22nd. (French Montana’s Twitter)

Group members D-Roc and Kaine released the “Sayin My Word” track to let loose on their issues with artists using their “Hanh” catchphrase .

On “Sayin My Word,” the primary complaint is that use of “HANH” is not attributed to its creators by its adopters.

It’s no surprise that we’ve never heard French or Kanye working “Shout out to the Ying Yang Twins!” into any of their songs, but the twins themselves would rather not let this issue rest.

So they ask: “Excuse me Mr. P. Diddy and Jay-Z, you presidents, if your artists use our lyrics, don’t that make us relevant?” Relevant might be a stretch, but one can’t deny the legacy of the seemingly ever present “HANH” in today’s rap landscape.

This year may actually be the ten-year anniversary of “HANH.” In that case, congratulations are certainly in order, and perhaps it is time for “HANH” users to acknowledge the ad-lib’s pioneers.