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Somehow or another a young cat all the way out in Georgia heard about Tweet It or Delete It and he wants IN! I admire the initiative, so we giving him a shot. Read a little about “MidSouth” and then checkout his joint TouchDown.

With the patience and dedication of an unknown, seasoned Vet, layered with a delivery swagger that has not been heard yet, By the time MIDSOUTH was 16, he was mesmerizing older combatants with the lyrical depth of a seasoned professional Major rap artist. This Georgia raised, southern fried emcee, was first introduced to hip-hop at an early age. This understanding of music, the ability to create melodies, lyrics, vocal arrangements, along with a dose of “realness”, is what entitles MIDSOUTH to his place amongst the industry’s elite.

Alright! Same rules apply for the young homey. He get 1,000 views, He’s on B-Swift’s Tweet It or Delete It. That simple. If you mess with it, let him know!