unsigned hotness

PressDon, an upcoming artist from Akron Ohio, releases his new single “Soo Terrific” off his third studio album “Living Legend”. With his gift with words he writes out how life was and is for him now. PressDon raps about coming up in a crooked world and how he tries to overcome his dope boy ambitions […]

Somehow or another a young cat all the way out in Georgia heard about Tweet It or Delete It and he wants IN! I admire the initiative, so we giving him a shot. Read a little about “MidSouth” and then checkout his joint TouchDown. With the patience and dedication of an unknown, seasoned Vet, layered […]

KPT is a new artist out of Cleveland Ohio who is developing quite a name for himself in the industry already. Collaborations with Snoop Lion, Bone Thugs n Harmonys’ Layzie and Krayzie Bone, Ray Cash and Ray Jr prove that KPT is on his way to becoming a household name among Hip Hop lovers. Song […]

The Holiday Season is upon us and that means it’s time for some Holiday Cheer and Music! I’m a big fan of Christmas music and thanks to my boy T out in Cincy, I got some new from a young cat who is definitely worth giving a listen to. His name is Durand Bernarr and […]

Follow @ImCamQuotes I got a hold of some more music that I want to share with you all today. Today we have “Ya Boi Que” on deck with his lead single “Pass The Kush”. Que is representing Naptown but, was born and raised in Sweet Home Chicago. He has a new EP titled “Freedom” that […]

Follow @ImCamQuotes Got some more new music from a young lady named Lyric. Read up on her then, check out her song “Fit In” Hip hop artist Teri “Lyric” Green, fourth runner up in YOBI.tv and  Myspace’s first ever “Take the Stage” competition with Rodney  “Darkchild” Jerkins and Johnny Wright, is as unique as they […]

Follow @ImCamQuotes Last night the NBA 2013-2014 NBA Season officially kicked off! And right on time was Moss Da Beast with “LeBron Jordan Kobe”. He’s prepared to go hard with this one as it kicks off the same titled album [“LeBron Jordan Kobe”] You can listen for yourself below! If you need that in your whip […]

Although our number one priority for unsigned and undiscovered talent is to put Naptown to the forefront first, it is always good to get some music from other areas just to see who’s out here trying to make it happen. Also a good chance for some Naptown Artist to politic and get some good networking […]