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Accused murderer Simeon Adams walking to court appearance

It’s a photo that has inflamed many in Indy’s white and community as well as some in the Black community.  Lots of shock when people saw a smile on the face of the  alleged 16 year old alleged killer of Nathan Trapuzzano.  The photo of a smiling Simeon Adams was recorded by Indy media as he walked to a court hearing Thursday morning. On Afternoons with Amos there was a lively and intense conservation with listeners about the Trapuzzano murder and the troubled life and seeming indifference to life of the person charged in the case.  Listeners talked about the lack of parenting and adult supervision of this young man.  Also, listeners expressed deep concerns with Indianapolis media coverage citing numerous cases of the tragic murders of Black victims in similar circumstances in Indianapolis who weren’t given the seemingly massive media coverage as the Trapuzzano case has.  Opinions and feelings from callers was all across the board, with many great comments and positive suggestions. It’s an Afternoons with Amos program you’ll want to hear and click and e-mail to friends and neighbors.  Click the Arrow to Hear this Serious, Sober Afternoons with Amos Discussion. Runs 68 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One. [audio

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