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JOYNER-LUCAS-VIDEOAs an artist, no matter what genre of music you work in, you’re going to have to figure out where you fit into the established landscape. Some artists come into the game trying to copy a formula that made the last flavor of the month a global superstar for the time being. Others bum rush the show and demand your attention, respect, and money. Then you have rappers like the twenty something Worcester, Mass. native Joyner Lucas. While Joyner Lucas possesses all of the qualities we want rappers to have, he’d rather not chase you down just so you can listen to his music. He wants you to hear it and gravitate towards it.

Although the name Joyner Lucas is new to you, he certainly isn’t a novice when it comes to making music.

“I’ve always wanted to do this professionally,” he tells “It’s always been my dream since I was a kid to professionally be involved in the industry. I just had to find my own style. And having that time to figure out his own sound has allowed Lucas to pull pieces from the different sides of his personality to make one dope blend of lyricism, fluid storytelling and raw honesty. “I would describe my style as comedic and blunt. I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind,” Joyner declared. “I’m not afraid to keep it real. Definitely raw and uncut, but still commercialized.”


Joyner has been praised for his rhyme style and flow, which will be expertly showcased on his upcoming album “Along Came Joyner Lucas,” but his ultimate goal is to impact the lives of his listeners in a positive way through his verses.

“I want to be remembered as for doing great things besides music,” he says.  “Music is one avenue, but I want to reach a level of fame where everything I do matters. I want that level of fame so that I can do great things like give back to my community. I can show people it’s not good to copy other people. Be yourself. I feel like I can show people the way.”

And as part owner in his independent label Dead Silence Records, he has the power, talent and drive to make all of his wildest dreams come to fruition. Don’t believe him, just watch!

Find out more about Joyner Lucas on his website.

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