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Hi. This is me. I go by Mr. Marcus on Hot 96.3. This is my face. This is the face behind the microphone from time to time. I’m actually in the WHHH studio in this picture.

About 87% of the human male species is going to play NBA 2K15 on whatever gaming system they have. Do I like the game itself? Of course. I can display my male gaming dominance over another pathetic opponent.

This year, the game has received a lot of buzz over a new feature which actually scans your face so that your face is in the game! Sounds good. Sounds amazing even. It’s actually terrifying.

I have an Xbox One. NBA 2K15 makes you stick your head in a green box. Then, you’re supposed to move your head from left to right slowly.


Okay. Not bad. I can see it. And then…


WAIT A MINUTE! WHO IS THIS? Let’s try this again.


Nope. I give up. I’ll just create me manually. Check out what could be the worst face scan yet. Video below. Hilarious.