We haven’t ever really gotten to know Desiigner outside of his No.1 hit Panda, and the current rise of Timmy Turner.  In a new short documentary called I Am Def Jam: Desiigner, we get to see a calmer version of Desiigner as we visit his parents and he talks about his getting in trouble during his childhood.  He talks […]

Former Basketball Wives LA star revealed that she plans to release a tell all documentary about her life. “The thing about being in the limelight is you want everyone to forget all of the bad things you did, and I felt like that for a long time. ‘Just forget that I did all of this stuff […]

French Montana is letting fans inside his world.

Before he was Prisoner No. 0264892, O.J. Simpson was a star. In ESPN's five-part 30 for 30 documentary about "The Juice," the story takes a look at where he grew up and went to school

"Black Women In Medicine" was a five-year effort that began in 2011. But Crystal Emery asserts the film was not created to lament about the lack of diversity in the field, but to do do something much more boundless.

Serena Williams is taking her talents to the small screen. On Thursday, the tennis great announced that her new documentary Serena: The Other Side Of Greatness is set to air next month on Epix. It’s been a hot year for Williams, who recently showed off her twerking skills in the sexy video for Beyoncé‘s Lemonade single “Sorry.” […]

Chris Brown came into the game as a young kid fresh out of high school and in two short years, he became one of the biggest stars in the world.

If the film truly mirrors Rihanna's life, this should be interesting.

Breezy's autobiographical documentary will set the record straight about his past controversies and troubled image.

The film, "Whitney," will premiere on BBC Two and will explore "the forces that made and destroyed the singer."

Clear your schedules on Monday, the only thing you should be doing is tuning in to the premiere of HBO's 'MAVIS!' documentary.