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anchorman2cGrammy-winning rapper Kanye West reportedly did not have his “New Slaves” global campaign go as smoothly as last week as reports claim police shut down one of his projections in Texas.

The superstar rapper’s plan was to project a new song and visual on the Rothko Chapel, Central Library downtown and the George Bush Monument.

He announced it earlier today via Twitter. Houston police shut down the “Yeezus” revival at Rothko. Despite an upbeat, respectful crowd, they pulled several cars onto the grass, flashed lights and sirens and demanded everyone leave or be arrested for trespassing. Folks slowly dispersed when it was clear this wasn’t part of the show. (Houston Chronicle)A couple of the attendees briefly spoke on what happened last night. Houston singer Dominique attended the library screening and said it was shut down due to “technical difficulties.” And at midnight, the Bush Memorial screening was also a “no show” according to fan Janet Quiroa. “All we saw were the sprinklers come on and obnoxious people screaming Kanye threats,” Quiroa said. (Houston Chronicle)